Our Vision

To build foundation for excellence and spur development of the Institution as a premier Institution, by igniting and nurturing enthusiasm, interests and passion, in the study of chemistry, in professional courses, as a part of curricula

Our Mission

  • To awaken the young minds and discover their talents both in theory and in practical   chemistry, through dedication to teaching, commitment to students and innovative instructional methods.
  • To support the developmental activities of the College and make the Department vibrant.
  • To organize critical contributions in areas of emphasis such as faculty, modern labs, department library and demonstrate a high level of competence in the study of Engineering Chemistry.
  • To introduce pioneering programs in the Department that will embrace heritage and values to the Institution.
  • To produce graduates of International distinction, committed to integrity, professionalism and lifelong learning by widening their knowledge horizons in range and depth.
  • To sustain efficient operating systems towards realization of our objectives, as Institution of eminence and International standards.


Short term Goals

  • To produce more University Gold Medals
  • To develop organizational skills, core competence and ethics in first year engineering students, that they need, as true professionals for achieving success in life
  • To get International Accreditation for the programme
  • To achieve more Institute-Industry collaboration to the  students level
  • To organize referral lab and provide test facilities as per National standards. To regularly publish special books and manuals for engineering chemistry
  • To enthuse coalitions and communications in support of developmental activities of College
  • To conduct International and National  conference and seminar every year

Long term Goals

  • To impart quality Education and achieve Academic excellence through planning, leadership, brilliance, inspiration and effectiveness
  • To set high standards of comprehensive Education by developing the intellectual strength of students and guiding them towards technical excellence
  • To realize advancement of teaching and learning and discover new layers of knowledge in engineering chemistry by providing the right academic ambience
  • To encourage and guide higher secondary students and enable them transform into an organized and efficient engineering professional, with knowledge, ability and right attitude
  • To develop analytical skills, soft skills, inter-personal skills and build confidence and make students discover their strong personality
  • To evolve strategies towards performance planning of the Department
  • To synergize the efforts of various Departments, inspire creativity and foster   excellence and innovation in teaching and learning and realize our vision as a premier Engineering Institution